This is depressing to think about, I can’t even sleep while it’s on my mind.
I say I love him, we met in a different way.. We fall asleep on one another on the phone.. I’m willing to go to his country for him, I tell him I love him with all my heart

What more can I do to make him move and take a step forward

I can’t live without him, it’s hard to imagine life.. without him in it - it just hurts too much ..

But I can’t keep dreaming like this and hoping? I want the whole entire real thing. I can’t hang on to ifs and buts and maybes

But I can’t let him go.. So will I forever hang on to him? Should I?

Life is so unexpected.. It’s scary to even think of facing it all on your own..

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When the power of love overcomes the love of power , the world will know peace
Jimi Hendrix

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